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Loose Tea with Oat Straw

Oats are a household name for many people. It can be used to make delicious and healthy dishes that give a person strength. Horses also love oats because they are a great source of energy. However, what is rarely noticed is that you can also make delicious and healthy tea from oat straw. The so-called green oat tea is made from the grasses that are in their flowering season. These can be dried and made into tea. We have green oat straw as an ingredient in a delicious herbal energy tea, along with many other uplifting ingredients such as mate tea, lemon balm, nettle leaves and lapacho. This results in a unique spicy-aromatic blend that you should definitely try.

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Oat Straw Health Benefits

Green oat straw is rich in dietary fibre. These aid digestion, give energy and keep you full for a long time. Oat straw also contains a lot of minerals such as zinc, iron and manganese - all important elements that the body needs for many of its everyday functions. Oats also contain vitamin B, which is good for the skin and hair, as well as the nerves.

The effects that result from this are manifold. Gastrointestinal complaints can be alleviated. The acid-base balance can be improved. Oats are said to have positive effects on blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The B vitamins are also known to calm the nerves - exhaustion, stress, anxiety and tension can be relieved and thus sleep quality improved.

Apart from oat tea, there is also the practice of bathing in oat straw. Green oat straw is one of the few plants that contains silica. This is helpful for weeping, itching eczema or other skin problems. A full bath relaxes, gives new energy and in this case can give the inflamed skin a chance to calm down and start the healing process.