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Tea Caddy Made of Glass

This glass tea caddy is a real eye-catcher that will delight you time and time again, arousing a guest's curiosity and inviting them to have tea with you.

A ready-labeled empty tea tin and matching exchange label can be ordered for each tea from our range. The empty tin is supplied with a sterile seal: Simply open it and pour in the tea straight away, without having to rinse and dry the tin first. The tea caddy without a tea name is also available.

The glass caddy has neither seams nor rounded tin edges in which tea leaves and tea dust can collect as in tin caddies. The dark glass provides enough light protection so that the beautiful tin can decorate the tea kitchen instead of being hidden in the dark cupboard. With its reflective black glass surface and silver lettering, the tea caddy adapts to any environment by mirroring its surroundings. Thanks to the special insert, the screw lid seals the tea caddy airtight. Without additional lids, as is usual with tin tea caddies, the screw lid offers the best aroma protection.

In combination with the exchangeable label, our tea caddy demonstrates that a product can combine sustainability and design in one practical solution.

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The empty caddy comes with a sterile seal: Simply open it and fill it with tea straight away, without having to rinse and dry the tin first.

You can always order the matching exchangeable label for this sustainable and practical design tea caddy for any tea from our extensive catalog. The label is removable, so you can easily change both the contents and the labeling.

The tea caddy is 9.5 cm in diameter, 20 cm in total height with the lid screwed on. A practical volume of 1 liter is well suited for 250 g to 1000 g of loose tea, depending on the nature of the tea leaves and ingredients. The empty weight of the tea caddy is 650 g. The glass caddy without a lid is dishwasher safe. The chemical resistance of the glass tea caddy has been certified according to ISO 719:1985.