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Loose Tea with Lapacho

Lapacho is the name for a tree species that grows mainly in South America. Lapacho grows in tropical rainforests and has yellow, white or pink flowers. The inside of the bark is used for lapacho tea. The tea itself has a reddish-earthy colour and a fine vanilla note. It is therefore often compared to roiboos tea. We offer different teas with Lapacho. Besides a pure Lapacho tea, we also have a delicious herbal energy tea, for example. Feel free to take a look around our assortment.

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Awake without Caffeine – with Lapacho Tea!

The indigenous people of South America have been using lapacho tea for ages to treat feverish illnesses, as it is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Lapacho also seems to counteract stomach complaints.

A particularly positive property of Lapacho, however, is that it cheers you up without relying on caffeine, which is often used. Lapacho tea contains plenty of minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron. The latter is important for the formation of red blood cells. Iron supports the transport of oxygen in the body, which in turn helps against fatigue and tiredness. Lapacho tea thus perks up tired people, without the well-known side effects of caffeine.

Another positive aspect of lapacho is that the extraction of the tea is gentle on the trees. If you only remove the top layer of the bark, it quickly grows back without leaving any permanent damage to the tree. Cheers.