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Loose Tea with Lemon Balm

Balm is a plant that is more broadly known as lemon balm (or melissa) because of its fresh lemon smell. The essential oils it contains give many delicious teas a fruity citrus note. For example, try our organic fitness tea or this delicious organic herbal tea. Pure lemon balm tea not only tastes refreshing, but is also good for body and mind. Feel free to take a look around our assortment.

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Lemon Balm Health Benefits

Lemon balm has been used since the earliest Middle Ages to treat heart complaints. A freshly brewed lemon balm tea has a relaxing effect thanks to the essential oils, which can also calm cramps in the gastrointestinal tract. Melissa is also recommended for menstrual problems. The herb also has a positive effect on the nerves.

Lemon balm is an ingredient in many calming teas because it does just that: soothe, relax and calm the soul. Many people drink lemon balm tea before bed to promote restful, deep sleep. At the same time, lemon balm lifts the mood, which can bring about quite an improvement in mood, especially in cases of nervous restlessness or anxiety.

Speaking of relaxation: You can sometimes find essential bath additives in pharmacies, health food stores or well-stocked drugstores. A hot bath with lemon balm after a stressful or exciting day really helps to calm the body and mind. Why not try it out for yourself?