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Loose Tea with Mate

Mate tea has firmly established its place in the list of the most popular teas over the years. While in the homeland of mate, South America, it is virtually never missing from a meal, in Germany mate tea is often found in iced cans or glass bottles in the supermarket. We have a large selection of mate tea compositions for you, most of which are certified organic. Enjoy our mate tea pure (you can also infuse it with cold water after brewing and chill it in the fridge for a delicious mate iced tea), as energising green energy or in our tea for weight loss - or choose one of the other delicious varieties.

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Mate Health Benefits

Mate not only contains caffeine, but also xanthine, which is similar to caffeine and also has a stimulating effect. Xanthine, also called mateine in mate, is not addictive, unlike caffeine, and has blood pressure-lowering properties. It can help with concentration without making you overly nervous. In addition, mate contains a variety of important vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately, as with so many natural foods, the positive properties have not yet been scientifically proven, but mate was used for a very long time as a remedy by the Guarani Indians in Paraguay. They used it to strengthen the immune system, to increase physical performance, for digestive problems and, of course, simply as a delicious drink with an invigorating effect. Cheers.