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Loose Tea with Nettle

We associate stinging nettles primarily with the unpleasant feeling of touching them without protection. The name says it all. But apart from that, stinging nettles have many active ingredients that are healthy for the human body, provided we manage to make them into tea. Nettle tea tastes a little like a mixture of spinach and nut. We offer organic certified loose nettle tea, as well as a varied selection of delicious teas with nettle as an ingredient. Take your time to browse through our assortment.

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Nettle Health Benefits

Nettles are rich in flavonoids, which can be anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial and diuretic. This is why nettle tea is often recommended as a bladder tea. In addition, nettles are full of minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium, as well as vitamins C and K. Nettles make an excellent, healthy and delicious tea. A handful of fresh leaves in boiling water not only destroys the painful effect of its stinging hairs, but also releases the full active ingredients from the plant after five minutes of infusion.

Since nettles also grow in domestic areas, nettle tea usually leaves only a tiny ecological footprint compared to, for example, teas from overseas. Of course, the most economical way is to simply pick your own nettles. With long clothes and gloves, preferably in the forest or near bodies of water - we would advise against stinging nettles by the roadside - this can be done relatively well. The plucked leaves should nevertheless be washed briefly at home before they are either stored to dry or prepared as tea. Cheers.