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Loose Tea with Clove

Cloves are a popular spice all over the world. They are often used in Christmas biscuits such as gingerbread and are an essential ingredient in many curry dishes. But apart from that, cloves also have some properties that can have a positive effect on our body and our well-being. Especially in teas, clove is not only a tasty enrichment in many tea compositions, but can also have a strong invigorating effect due to its ingredients. We have a large selection of certified organic tea blends with clove as an ingredient, such as this energizing black tea, this winter punch or the ever-popular Rooibos Chai. Take your time to look around and choose your favourite.

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Clove Health Benefits

Cloves contain a natural anaesthetic called eugenol. This has been used for many generations as a home remedy for toothache. In this case, it helps to simply put the clove between your teeth and chew on it a little. This is also the reason why clove tea can be helpful against stomach complaints. According to this, they help against cramps and flatulence and at the same time stimulate the appetite again.

The strong fresh taste of cloves can also have an invigorating effect. If you would like to reduce your coffee consumption, for example, you could try this organic herbal energy tea as an alternative. Besides cloves, it contains many other invigorating ingredients such as guarana, green mate, black pepper and ginger. Cheers.