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Loose Tea with Pepper

Pepper is probably one of the most commonly used spices in the world. It comes mainly in white, red, green and black. The latter is a component of many of our certified organic teas, such as Masala, Fitness Tea or our particularly strong Black Energy Tea. If you would like to soften the strong, pungent taste of black pepper, you can stir in a little honey - or try our delicious, fiery-sweet Roiboos Tea Strawberry Pepper. Take your time and look around our assortment.

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Pepper Health Benefits?

The most important component of pepper is piperine. This is the active ingredient that gives it its spiciness. Black pepper is the healthiest variety because it has the highest piperine content. That is why we mainly use black pepper as an ingredient in our teas.

Anyone who has ever peppered their food too generously knows the effect only too well - you literally begin to sweat. While this may detract from the flavour of a meal if it is dosed incorrectly, this function of pepper has some interesting uses. Alternative medicine recommends pepper tea for colds and coughs, as it warms you from the inside and is said to have an anti-inflammatory and fever-reducing effect. The piperine in pepper can also help with digestion, as it relieves flatulence and stimulates blood circulation in the gastrointestinal tract.


Of course, as laymen we cannot and should not answer this question directly. Some people swear by it, but definitive statements on this should not be made as a matter of principle. What can be proven, however, is another function of piperine - the so-called thermogenesis. This produces heat in the body and converts fats into energy. In addition, this substance can slow down the formation of fat cells, as this Korean study proves.

The bitter substances in pepper also stimulate the metabolism. These are all effects that at least promote potential weight loss. Why not enjoy a daily cup of mate energy tea with black pepper, marigold, ginger and other stimulating substances before you start exercising and tell us about your successes. We are looking forward to your feedback.