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Loose Tea with Guarana

For people who want to be active and receptive for long periods of time or who consider sleep a waste of time, Mother Nature has developed caffeine. For those who want a particularly high amount of it, guarana tea is just the thing. Our certified organic guarana tea is either black, green or made from herbs. Above all, however, it is delicious and uplifting.

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Guarana Health Benefits 

Guarana is actually a liana that bears small red fruits. The seeds contained in it are full to the brim with caffeine, fats and protein. In contrast to the caffeine in coffee beans, the active ingredient in guarana seeds develops more slowly, as it is bound to the bitter substances and these first have to be broken down. This means that the effect of the caffeine lasts up to six hours. Guarana has another advantage over the most common caffeine drink, coffee - it is gentler on the stomach. People usually take guarana to be physically and mentally fitter. Especially in the Amazon, guarana is often used by indigenous hunters to stay alert.

Guarana Tea as an Iced Energy Drink

Paired with the theine in our certified organic loose teas, here you have a natural, healthy and delicious energy drink. As these are usually drunk ice cold, here are two delicious suggestions for your own iced organic energy drink:

  1. You can prepare the guarana tea as usual, let it cool down a bit and then add some ice cubes.
  2. Or you can simply add three times the amount of guarana tea to the same amount of hot water and let it steep properly. You then tip this into a large glass carafe and fill it up with cold water.

Coupled with the theine of our certified organic loose teas, you have a natural, healthy and delicious energy drink. The conventional over-sweetened energy drinks with their unnatural additives and even more unnatural flavours cannot compete with this. Take one of our delicious and healthy alternatives instead. Cheers.