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Loose Tea with Marigold

Experts assume that the marigold originally came from the Mediterranean region and was imported and planted everywhere by travellers over the centuries. Since then, it has grown almost everywhere. On roadsides, in forests, on meadows and fields, even on your balcony at home, if you have a sunny spot for it. In our teas, it is mainly for looks and taste, as its pretty flowers have a beautiful colouring and the mild flavour goes wonderfully with our fruit teas and herbal tea blends. How about a white tea? The Pai Mu Tan Mediterranean is a fine white tea, refined with a few herbal nuances from safflower and marigold. Or would you like a proper green energy tea? Then Mate Energy is just the right choice. Mate naturally contains higher levels of caffeine, but thanks to the tannins in the tea, these are broken down slowly and evenly in the body, leaving you with a high level of concentration and increased energy levels for hours. Add to this other invigorating ingredients like cassia cinnamon and black pepper, as well as some liquorice for a light sweetness. Take a look at our wide selection of teas with calendula as an ingredient and choose your favourite.

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Marigold Health Benefits

The marigold is a pretty and versatile medicinal herb that was already used in the times of St. Hildegard von Bingen for various physical difficulties. Nowadays, the plant with the botanical name Calendula officinalis is mainly used in creams. Calendula has wound-healing properties, both when applied externally and internally. An Indian study in 2015 found some interesting effects on the human body. For one, it is strongly antimicrobial and antifugal, which can have a positive effect on the intestinal flora. It is also anti-inflammatory and helps improve cell renewal in the body due to its high antioxidant content. However, this refers to higher doses, such as those found in pure marigold tea or in marigold capsules. For health purposes, the dosage in our teas is not sufficient.