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Loose Tea with Safflower

Safflower, also known as false saffron or oil thistle, was mainly used in ancient Egypt to dye clothes - hence the name. But safflower is also used today as a medicinal herb. It is also a great source of cooking oil. We offer high-quality loose teas with safflower as an ingredient. For example, try our unique herbal tea Lapacho Love or the delicious Pai Mu Tan Mediterranean. You are sure to find a tea to your taste.

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Safflower Health Benefits?

In folk medicine, safflower has been prepared for generations as an analgesic and fever-reducing tea. The leaves are used for fresh safflower tea. They contain carbohydrates, proteins, colouring agents, of course, as well as large amounts of vitamin C. The herb can have a strong laxative effect. However, it is also stimulating for the heart and circulation and can also lower blood pressure. Due to its stimulating effect, safflower tea has been used as an aphrodisiac in ancient Thai medicine for centuries.

As safflower oil, it is often used externally for skin complaints. The oil also has the property of having a positive effect on the cholesterol balance. In particular, it can lower the not so healthy LDL cholesterol. Nowadays you can find safflower oil in any good organic supermarket or health food store. You can also find pure safflower tea there. Cheers.