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Loose Tea with Vanilla

Everyone knows vanilla. Whether in ice cream, as an ingredient in all kinds of sweets or to sweeten fresh whipped cream - the unique vanilla aroma is always recognisable. But vanilla has also recently established itself as an ingredient in tea. The best known is probably Roiboos Vanilla. This is often available in the cheapest and lowest quality sachets in the supermarket, which does not compare at all with our fresh loose tea. Our rooibos vanilla tea is refined with cinnamon. Take your time to find the best variety for your taste.

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Vanilla Health Benefits

Real vanilla is often referred to as "the queen of spices". The processing of real vanilla involves a great deal of effort, which in turn is reflected in the price. Apart from its use as one of the most delicious spices, vanilla was also used as a medicine in the Middle Ages. It is generally known that vanilla has an aphrodisiac effect. It increases desire and is therefore often used in perfumes.

Vanilla can also have a calming effect on the nerves. It used to be used for sleep problems - although our black tea vanilla will probably have the opposite effect here. For this, we have a decaffeinated black tea with vanilla especially for you, which you can also enjoy before going to bed. In any case, a hot cup of fresh tea, whether with vanilla or other delicious ingredients such as strawberry, will boost your good mood. Cheers.