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Loose Tea with Strawberry

Every year in spring, the delicious strawberry season begins anew. Every now and then you can treat yourself to a bowl of strawberries with whipped cream or milk. But why wait all year when you can enjoy the delicious taste as a tea? Our strawberry cream tea is available as black tea, as rooibos tea or as fruit tea - just the way you like it. Strawberry is also a component of many of our fruit and herbal tea compositions. Take a look at our assortment.

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Strawberry Health Benefits

Strawberry tea offers the combined benefits of the strawberry and the particular tea you use as a base for it. Strawberries themselves are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. You can use either the fruit or the leaves. The trace elements they contain, such as manganese, increase dopamine and melatonin levels. This lifts the mood and also lets us sleep more relaxed. Strawberry cream in black tea combines the tart flavour and stimulating effect of the teaeine with the sweet-creamy taste. If you like it a little spicier, you should also try our Roiboos Tea Strawberry Pepper.

By The Way, Did You Know...

... that strawberries, just like raspberries and blackberries, are not actually berries in the true sense of the word? They are so-called aggregate nut fruits. The small yellow-green dots are the nuts that line up on the red fruit base. So enjoy our delicious aggregate nut fruit tea. Cheers.