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Loose Tea with Cinnamon

Cinnamon is an extremely tasty spice that is often used for all kinds of pastries and drinks. There are two types of cinnamon: the somewhat lighter Ceylon cinnamon and the Cassia cinnamon. The latter is darker, tastes spicier and is an ingredient in some of our teas. Why not try our certified organic Apple Cinnamon tea or our strong organic black tea from India?

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Cinnamon Health Benefits

Apart from its unique mildly spicy taste, cinnamon also has a number of benefits for the body. Especially in tea, the essential oils contained in it can unfold well. These can provide relief, especially for gastrointestinal complaints. Cinnamon stimulates digestion and has an anti-inflammatory effect thanks to its tannins. This is also good for colds. Cinnamon is antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. These are important for cell protection. Cinnamon naturally contains the active ingredient coumarin. This is used in medicine to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, among other things. Cinnamon is also occasionally found in skin lotions or other body care products, as some of the active ingredients in cinnamon probably have an anti-fungal effect.

Is too much Cinnamon harmful?

Cinnamon contains a natural flavouring called coumarin. This is responsible for the cinnamon flavour. Cassia cinnamon naturally contains much more coumarin than other teas. On the one hand, this is good for the spicy taste, but on the other hand, you often read on the internet that you should be careful of overdosing on coumarin. An overdose of cinnamon is possible, which is why you should be a little careful not to consume body creams, rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar, porridge with cinnamon, cinnamon tea and medicines with coumarin at the same time.

Nausea, headaches or a feeling of dizziness are some of the signs that you have had a little too much of a good thing. Then you should check which products you have used or consumed recently contain cinnamon or coumarin as an active ingredient and re-evaluate. However, there is usually nothing wrong with a daily cup of delicious tea with cinnamon.

For an all-round feel-good treat, we have an excellent organic tea for you: Curcuma Sunset! This consists of large pieces of turmeric, ginger, aniseed, cocoa shells and cinnamon pieces, has a vivid golden yellow colour and a full, spicy-aromatic taste. Cheers.