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Loose Tea with Tangerine

Autumn and winter are tangerine time again. When the colourful (pre-)Christmas plates are decorated with spiced spekulatius, dominoes, gingerbread, marzipan potatoes and colourful curls, delicious mandarins are a must. They exude a pleasant citrus scent and offer a healthy change from the shaped sugar. A tasty, aromatic, freshly brewed loose tea, ideally from GAIWAN, is also suitable for the colder seasons. We offer delicious winter tea, Christmas tea or simply a delightful oolong tea with tangerine blossoms. As a semi-fermented tea, Oolong is one of the most delicious and varied teas in the world. We refine it with aromatic tangerine blossoms so that you can truly look forward to a flavour experience.

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A few Ideas for cold winter evenings

When it's cold and dark outside, you'd rather sit in the warm and relax with a hot cup of tea. Why not use store-bought tangerines for a fruity and healthy vitamin kick in your tea? Simply add the juice of a few tangerine pieces to your favourite tea and see if you like the combination. We recommend our delicious herbal tea Winter Evening. However, various teas with Cassia cinnamon or Ceylon cinnamon are also suitable for this. Pour the tea of your choice with hot water, wait a minute or two and then sprinkle tangerine, lemon or orange into the tea. As the water has already cooled down a little, the valuable vitamin C remains undamaged, so that you not only enhance the taste, but also do something good for your body. Cheers.