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Loose Leaf Tea with Orange

Oranges taste good to just about everyone. The bright orange colour and the fresh and sweet taste of ripe oranges make them a popular fruit that is eaten both individually and in delicious fruit salads. Of course, orange also goes very well in herbal and fruit teas. We mainly use orange peel and orange blossom for this. Both naturally contain the wonderfully fruity orange aroma - and the peel itself is also a healthy snack, as you can read further down in the text.

Whether black, green, fruit, herbal or rooibos tea, we have put together some delicious blends with orange for each variety. Why not try this delicious Ayurveda blend or our unique Earl Grey Blue Star? You're sure to find a tea to your taste with us.

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Orange Health Benefits

The fact that an orange contains a lot of vitamin C is not new information. But not only the flesh and the juice are vitamin-rich and healthy, but also the peel itself. It is full of antioxidants and even more vitamin C. The peel contains a kind of dietary fibre that can help with flatulence. Chewing on orange peel can get rid of bad breath and helps with whitening the teeth a little. It is also said to help when you are short of breath, as it has expectorant properties. And of course, a freshly brewed tea made from pure orange peel tastes delicious.

For all these effects, we recommend paying attention to the quality of the oranges. Prefer oranges in organic quality to avoid possible pesticides and wash the oranges thoroughly before consumption by rubbing them with a little baking soda and rinsing them under clear water. Cheers.