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Loose Leaf Tea with Rosemary

It is impossible to imagine the kitchen without rosemary. The spicy herb goes well with almost all dishes, is part of Mediterranean herb mixtures and besides its unique taste, it is also healthy. Rosemary was already known as a medicinal plant in ancient times, although at that time it was mainly used in the form of rosemary wine or in oils and tinctures. Nowadays, instead of wine, we prefer to recommend a freshly brewed rosemary tea or a cold extract. We have added rosemary to our tasty herbal tea Herbal Breakfast. This, along with peppermint, nettle, fennel and other ingredients, gives the tea a fresh and full aroma. If you would like to try rosemary tea pure, we recommend fresh rosemary from the health food shop. For half a litre of rosemary tea, simply pour 3-4 teaspoons of rosemary over boiling water and let the tea steep for 8-10 minutes. We recommend our large tea glass with removable strainer and lid for this. It is exactly the right size and ideal for making loose tea.

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Rosemary Health Benefits

The positive effects of rosemary on the body have been scientifically studied for a long time. Some studies have now been able to prove that rosemary has an antioxidant effect, which means that it protects the cells from oxidative stress and helps the body with cell renewal. Rosemary is also antibacterial, which is why it is often recommended for infections. Rosemary can also have an effect on blood circulation. As with many herbs, the secret to health again lies in the multitude of essential oils in rosemary.

Should you want to drink rosemary tea due to acute complaints, we nevertheless definitely do not recommend self-diagnosis and self-medication. Please discuss the use of rosemary tea with your doctor or alternative practitioner beforehand. We wish you all the best.