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Loose Tea with Peppermint

Who doesn't know it, the delicious peppermint? Often used as a decoration for food or as a salad garnish, mixed into delicious drinks - with or without alcohol - or as a refreshing, wonderfully relaxing peppermint tea. Its sharp, strong minty flavour can be attributed to the menthol it contains. Peppermint thus gives a lot of teas a fresh mint flavour or a subtle additional note. We offer a large selection of partly organic certified loose teas with peppermint as an ingredient. Enjoy pure peppermint tea or perhaps a delicious relaxation tea for after work. You are sure to find your favourite variety with us.

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Not All Mint Is The Same

Every now and then you come across different types of mint. For example, in addition to peppermint, we also offer Nana mint. Anyone who has tried both varieties knows that they differ quite a bit in taste.

It is suspected that peppermint originated as an unintentional crossbreed. Botanists are not quite sure about this themselves. However, the biologist John Ray discovered it for the first time in 1696 in an English garden. It has been appreciated and popular for its pungent flavour ever since. Peppermint contains by far the greatest amount of menthol and is also widely used for its positive effects on the human body.

Nana mint is milder and contains much less menthol than peppermint. It belongs to the original mint species. Nana is the Arabic word for mint. In Arab countries, all types of mint are simply called Nana and are often drunk as hot tea with lots of sugar for breakfast. Nana mint also has other names in our climes, such as spearmint, Green mint or Moroccan mint. These are often used synonymously, even though they sometimes describe different varieties that are similar in taste.Cheers.