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Loose Tea with Hop

Hops are certainly known to everyone as one of the main ingredients of beer, which is popular all over the world. Beer is sometimes jokingly referred to as "cold hop tea", but are you aware that hop tea actually exists - and that it is not only delicious but also healthy? Hops themselves have a relaxing effect, which is also the reason why we have added them to our relaxation tea. In addition to hops, it contains other calming ingredients such as valerian, nettle and lemon balm. Just the right thing for a relaxing evening after a hard day.

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Hop Health benefits

Only the so-called hop cones are used. These also only grow from the female plant. Incidentally, from a botanical point of view, hops belong to the hemp family. Perhaps this is an indicator of where the calming effect comes from. In any case, along with valerian, hops are found in most natural sedatives and sleeping pills. A freshly brewed hop tea with valerian before bed can give you a restful, deep night's sleep. Another advantage of these natural substances is that they do not seem to cause dependence or habituation effects. They simply work the way they do, without the body getting used to them or you feeling dizzy the next morning. Cheers.