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Loose Leaf Tea with Hawthorn

A plant that has had a firm place in naturopathy for several centuries is the hawthorn. The plant itself flowers between May and June, while the fruits can be collected in September and October. Several studies have proven that hawthorn, in the form of fresh tea from the flowers or as hawthorn extract, is helpful for cardiovascular problems. It ensures that a certain messenger substance is better produced for the body, which is responsible for the size of the blood vessels. This allows the heart to beat stronger and the body to be better supplied with blood. Moreover, no side effects have been discovered so far. Nevertheless, we of course advise against self-diagnosis. If you want to enjoy pure hawthorn tea for this reason, we generally recommend that you discuss this with a doctor or alternative practitioner.

In any case, we do not primarily use hawthorn in our teas because of its positive effects on the body, but because the berries have a pleasant aroma that fits well into the compositions and rounds off the tea. On the one hand, we have the herbal tea Summer Herbs, which contains many tasty ingredients such as orange blossom, hibiscus, pineapple and peppermint. Together, this makes a fresh and fruity tea that is sure to send your imagination into the middle of a summer wildflower field to relax. In addition, we have a delicious fruit tea for you, which leaves a warming and fruity taste, especially due to the different berries and rosehip peels. Cheers.

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