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Loose Tea with Cocoa

When people think of cocoa, they tend to think of a chocolaty, thick drink that is enjoyed with milk or water, hot or cold. This makes people all the more surprised when they read "cocoa tea" for the first time. Cocoa and tea go very well together. The latter is not made from raw cocoa, but from pieces of the cocoa shell. The tea from our range that probably comes closest to a pure cocoa tea is the Rooibos Chocolate Brownie. However, we also have cocoa shells as an ingredient in several other teas. Perhaps you will find a new favourite?

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Cocoa Health Benefits

Among the indigenous people of Mexico and the Mayas, cocoa was considered so valuable that cocoa beans were even used as currency. From a religious point of view, cocoa was considered a gift from the gods. And why not? Cocoa is amazingly healthy, keeps you physically and mentally fit and also makes you happy. It should be noted, however, that we are talking about raw cocoa. The commercially available cocoa from the supermarket has usually been so heavily processed and loaded with huge amounts of sugar that it has lost almost all of its positive properties. You can get raw cocoa in a well-stocked organic market or health food store.

Raw cocoa contains more magnesium than any other plant food, more calcium than milk and twice as much iron as spinach. These alone are good reasons to prepare a fresh raw cocoa drink.

The cocoa shells in cocoa tea also contain some important substances and of course provide a deliciously chocolaty taste. The most important active ingredient is theobromine (a word composed of the ancient Greek words theós "god" and bróma "food"). Theobromine has a similar chemical compound to caffeine and has a vasodilating and stimulating effect. It lowers blood pressure and is healthy for the heart and circulation.

However, you should not fall for the misconception of eating chocolate bars because they contain cocoa and are therefore "healthy". If you want to eat less unhealthy chocolate, the rule of thumb is: the darker the better. Chocolate varieties with a cocoa ratio of at least 60% contain enough raw cocoa to reap the benefits of the powder. Cheers.