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Loose Tea with Anise

Who doesn't know the famous fennel-anise-caraway tea? It has been recommended worldwide for generations against digestive problems and flatulence and tastes simply excellent in this combination. However, anise is also a component of many other delicious herbal tea blends. Pure anise tea in organic quality is also a real treat. Take a look for your favourite here right now.

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Why Anise Tea is Healthy

Anise contains essential oils that can have an antispasmodic and expectorant effect. As a home remedy against colds, the tea can therefore be found in almost every kitchen in combination with fennel and caraway, which have similar effects. If you would like to sweeten the slightly liquorice-like taste and the tangy aroma of anise, you can add a little honey.

Anise is an umbelliferous plant whose seeds are harvested and consumed. Besides tea, aniseed is also used for cooking and baking. Anise lends a very special flavour to Christmas pastries in particular. The expectorant effect is often used in the form of anise sweets.

Last but not least, some delicious spirits have been made from aniseed for quite some time. Ouzo comes from Greece, and raki is popular on Crete and in Turkey. Both have aniseed as their base. Anise tea, however, is the healthier alternative. Cheers!