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Loose Leaf Tea with Sea Buckthorn

When it gets dark earlier outside and the average temperature drops, we like to get cosy and warm at home. Dimmed lights, a comfortable armchair or the big sofa, a cosy blanket and a warm tea are just the thing. Autumn and winter are also the right time for sea buckthorn. The orange berries are not only an absolute delight in fruit bowls, jam or cakes, but are also perfect for a tasty and fruity tea. We have a delicious fruit tea for you made from sea buckthorn, papaya, pineapple, apple and rosehip. If you prefer something less extravagant, we can warmly recommend our Rooibos Sea Buckthorn. And if you're in the mood for a completely different flavour, we have over 300 loose teas to choose from. We' re sure you'll find just the right tea for you.

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Sea Buckthorn Health Benefits

Sea buckthorn is a real vitamin C bomb. It contains much more vitamin C than a lemon and is therefore ideal for supporting the immune system. In addition, sea buckthorn also contains vitamin E, B12, K, various minerals, provitamin A and is full of essential oils. These are also a benefit for the body. A hot cup of freshly brewed sea buckthorn tea smells fruity and invigorates the senses. Sit down, lean back and take a deep breath before fully savouring the first sip.

If you prefer to drink the essential oils rather than inhale them, we can make a recommendation that we discovered on this website. Cover the sea buckthorn tea with a lid while steeping and let the water condensed on it flow briefly back into the tea when removing it. This way you can absorb the maximum effect of the essential oils. Our large tea glass with removable strainer and lid is ideal for this purpose. Cheers.