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Loose Leaf Tea with Papaya

Papaya has become a popular fruit in recent years. Its juicy flesh tastes delicious and there are many tasty recipes for it. In addition, papaya is described as extremely healthy in all kinds of fitness blogs and on various health portals. However, we don't use papaya for health reasons, but because it tastes delicious. In herbal teas like our , papaya offers a sweet and fruity note together with pineapple, while in fruit teas like our Citrus Breeze it rounds off the overall tastiness. Browse through our range at your leisure. You are sure to find a tea to your taste.

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Papaya Health Benefits

The flesh and juice of the papaya, as well as the seeds, are healthy. The seeds taste a little like hot pepper. First of all, fresh papaya contains an extremely high vitamin C content. Just 100 grams of papaya cover the recommended daily requirement. The fruit also contains vitamin A, B1, B6, folic acid and vitamin E and many minerals. Similar to melons, however, they consist mainly of water and have very few calories and no fat. However, the main reason for the healthy effect of papayas are the enzymes they contain. These help with digestion and, according to a Pakistani study, also have contraceptive and wound-healing properties. In the meantime, more than 600 studies have been conducted on the positive effects of papaya, many of them, however, not on humans or only on small groups of people, so that no general statements can yet be made. But the fact is that papaya is simply delicious in our teas. Enjoy it.