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Loose Tea with Rose

Domestically, roses are more commonly known as a pretty bouquet of flowers on the table and less often as a hot drink. But rose tea is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The fresh, flowery taste has a unique flavour, refines many high-quality teas and is also healthy. Why don't you try our excellent Oolong Himalaya Rose Blossom Tea? Or how about a black tea? China Rose is a good choice here. Would you like to buy rose tea? Many of our teas are certified organic and contain rose petals. Take a look around our shop at your leisure.

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Rose Health Benefits

Roses, like many other flowers and herbs, have been used as a remedy for centuries, especially in Asia. Rose petals in tea are said to invigorate both body and mind. They are also said to have antispasmodic and analgesic properties. Rose tea can also calm the nerves and brighten the mood.

The many applications of roses as a remedy are still being eagerly researched around the world. One area of application, however, seems to be inflammation of the mouth. Since rose petals contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances, some people swear by gargling with rose tea.

By the way, cistus (also known as cistrose or rockrose) seems to be particularly effective. These actually have nothing in common with the normal rose and are more of an herb than a flower. For more information, please continue reading on our page under the ingredient cistus.