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Loose Tea with Cistus

Cistus (also known as rockrose) has nothing in common with the rose itself. It is a plant that grows in Mediterranean regions and is used for almost everything, especially in healer circles. Whether as a sitz bath, as a decoction for compresses or as a cistus tea, cistus flowers seem to have a wide variety of applications. In addition, there are several species that are said to have different effects on the body. Cistus has been used for medicinal purposes since 400 BC. Try our pure organic cistus herbal tea and let the uniquely tangy, aromatic taste convince you.

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Cistus Health Benefits

Especially in Greece, cistrose tea has been used for centuries to strengthen the immune system and reduce infections or inflammations. Diarrhoea, fungal infections, flu-like infections, problems with the skin, high blood pressure or blood sugar - various studies nowadays deal with cistus and its different potential applications.

If you would like to read more about it, we would like to recommend this article from Organic Facts. No matter what you call the plant - cistus, cistrose or rockrose - treat yourself to our certified organic loose tea today or browse our list of ingredients for other fresh varieties to suit your taste.