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Loose Tea with Melon

Attention everybody, it's time to get fruity! Who doesn't enjoy a few fresh slices of iced, juicy melon as a delicious summer snack? Even though it tastes extremely sweet, it actually consists of ninety percent water and contains almost no fat. However, fresh melon contains vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and especially large amounts of vitamin A. This is important for beautiful skin and healthy eyes.

But why give up the delicious taste of melon when you can enjoy it all year round? We offer you a fruity-sweet tea blend with our speciality Fruity Melon. In addition to dried and sugared melon pieces, it also contains pineapple, rosehip, papaya, apple and beetroot. Just by opening the package, this tea exudes the scent of an entire fruit plate. You absolutely have to try the fruity-fresh taste of this tea blend.

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How About Iced Tea?

By the way, our fruity melon is also a great iced treat. First pour hot water over the fruit tea as usual, let it steep for a few minutes according to your own taste and remove the fruit pieces. Now either fill the glass with ice cubes or put it in the fridge for half an hour. Especially in summer, this is an excellent way to cool down and a delicious alternative to bland water. Cheers.