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Loose Tea with Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a versatile herb that adds an exotic touch to most dishes. It goes wonderfully with Mediterranean cuisine and is also increasingly found in the kitchen in Europe. Its essential oils make lemongrass an ideal tea ingredient. They give teas a fruity, slightly flowery lemon note. Lemongrass goes well with almost all types of tea. We have mate tea, rooibos tea, fruit tea or green energy tea with lemongrass, as well as lemongrass tea pure. Take a look at our varied assortment. Who knows, maybe you will discover your new favourite tea?

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Lemongrass Health Benefits

Fresh lemongrass tea is recommended in many Asian countries as a remedy for all kinds of ailments. It can be helpful for digestive problems as well as for fever or colds. Lemongrass contains a few important active ingredients such as flaovonoids, essential oils and antioxidants. These are known to be able to protect the body from oxidative stress, have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect and generally have a calming effect. They calm the gastrointestinal tract as well as the nerves when you are a little tense or nervous. A study from 2011 took a closer look at how lemongrass works. You can see the results here.

Lemongrass – Make your own tea

If you run out of our tea, but would like to enjoy a cup of fresh lemongrass tea before the new delivery arrives, we recommend cutting one or two stalks in the middle with a knife. This will help to release the essential oils and other active ingredients. Then pour boiling water over the stems and let the tea steep for about 10 minutes before removing the stems. Cheers.