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Loose Tea with Caraway

Caraway is a worldwide known and appreciated spice, which is not only used for cooking and baking. Caraway's own flavour is unmistakable and there are said to be people who like it less. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that caraway, whether as a spice or as caraway tea, has many positive properties. We have high-quality organic tea with caraway for you, both as caraway tea pure, or in the old familiar combination of fennel-anise-caraway. We can recommend our organic breastfeeding tea to freshly baked mothers.

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Why Caraway Is Healthy

Caraway is the remedy of choice when you have flatulence or other aches and pains with the gastrointestinal tract. There is a reason why caraway is a must in every cabbage dish or in dishes that are difficult to digest. The essential oils contained in it have a relaxing and decramping effect on the gastrointestinal tract. A delicious cup of caraway tea, pure or sweetened with honey, helps the stomach to settle quickly.

This can also help babies, although please do not use a whole cup of hot caraway tea here. Instead, a few tablespoons of the brewed tea added to the milk is enough. Like many other herbs and spices, caraway has an antioxidant effect. It binds the free radicals in the body, which can help reduce oxidative stress for the body. Caraway tea - often in the classic combination of fennel, anise and caraway as a gastrointestinal tea - should not be missing in any household. Cheers.