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Decaffeinated Teas

This category comprises a carefully selected range of decaffeinated teas that have been treated by a gentle carbon dioxide process. This process ensures that the tea's characteristic aromas and flavour profiles are preserved while the caffeine is effectively removed. This allows you to experience the full pleasure of an otherwise stimulating black tea even in the evening or if you want to avoid caffeine for health or personal reasons.

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Ceylon OP offers the quality and flavour of a premium Sri Lankan black tea, without the stimulating effects of caffeine. As Orange Pekoe, this tea contains only fine, unbroken buds and young leaves, which underlines its high quality.

With Vanilla Black, you will experience an enjoyable combination of decaffeinated black tea and pleasant vanilla aroma. The intense and full-bodied taste of the Ceylon tea is perfectly rounded off by the fine sweetness of the red Bourbon vanilla bean from Madagascar. The result is a delicious tea that is also ideal for children, pregnant women and anyone who wants to avoid caffeine.

The decaffeinated Earl Grey offers the full Earl Grey experience without the stimulating effect of caffeine. The characteristic taste of Ceylon black tea is retained despite the decaffeination process, and the special aroma blend of at least 90% bergamot oil and subtle notes of mandarin and lemon provides an unadulterated Earl Grey experience.

Overall, this category offers a unique way to enjoy high-quality tea without having to watch out for caffeine. It is a perfect choice for those who want to enjoy their tea at any time of the day or experience the benefits of drinking tea without the possible side effects of caffeine.