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Loose Tea with Lime Blossoms

Many of us usually know lime trees (also known as Phyllirea) as trees under which it is better not to park your car in the summer because otherwise everything will get sticky. However, lime blossom tea, more precisely from the stone lime tree (Tilia cordata), has been recommended for ages in folk medicine for colds, especially with fever symptoms. The sweet aromatic flavour is particularly noticeable in our pure, certified organic lime blossom tea. But the lime blossom also sweetens the aroma in delicious herbal tea compositions such as our fitness tea or a delicious relaxation tea at the end of the day. Feel free to look around for a blend to your taste.

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Lime Blossom Health Benefits

The lime blossom contains mucilage, which can have an irritation-relieving effect. This is why lime blossom tea can be helpful for dry or irritated coughs. Other ingredients in lime blossom also increase sweating. This is especially helpful with colds, where sweating is often advised in combination with increased fluid intake.

The essential oils are known to cause the body and nerves to relax. In addition, lime blossom also contains antioxidants and tannins. In combination, these substances can also promote expectoration, which is why lime blossom tea is also often recommended for bladder complaints.

But why always talk about illness? It is best to drink our lime blossom teas simply because they taste good and are healthy. Feel good.