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Loose Leaf Tea with Osmanthus

Not many people are familiar with the osmanthus. The plant belongs to the olive family (similar to olive trees) and is a wonderfully fragrant shrub with pointed evergreen leaves and small yellow, purple or white flowers. Osmanthus is hardy and easy to care for. It grows mainly in the Asian highlands such as the area around the Himalayas and has been used for many centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a medicinal plant. Our delicious Osmanthus Oolong tea is a speciality that is also enjoyed in China. It combines the sweet and flowery taste of osmanthus with the mild and full-bodied aroma of an oolong. An absolute pleasure for body and soul. Try the tea right away - or browse through our large assortment of Oolong teas. There you will surely find the tea that suits your taste.

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Osmanthus Health Benefits

In traditional Chinese medicine, osmanthus has been used for many generations to treat dry skin. The plant is also known for its expectorant effect, which can be especially helpful for sore throats. However, for these and other positive functions on our body, pure tea made from osmanthus flowers should be consumed. Our loose tea is primarily intended as a tasty stimulant. The fact that tea is also generally healthy is a nice and positive side effect. We wish you only the best. Cheers.