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Loose Leaf Tea with Oregano

Oregano is a spice that is hard to imagine modern cuisine without. Many people know it simply as a pizza seasoning, but it can also be used excellently for scrambled eggs, fish dishes, fried potatoes or grilled meat. While it has only been used for seasoning worldwide for a good two hundred years, oregano was already known as a medicinal herb in ancient Greece. The name translates as ornament of the mountains. Due to its healing properties and its strong, tangy flavour, oregano also makes a great herbal tea or tea ingredient, such as in our delicious relaxation tea.

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Oregano Health Benefits

If you have oregano at home, you can prepare a cup of fresh oregano tea. Simply add two teaspoons of the spice to 500 ml of boiling water and let it steep for about five minutes. Our large tea glass with removable strainer and lid is recommended for this. Alternative medicine and aromatherapy consider oregano to be an excellent remedy for controlling coughs, sore throats and toothaches by gargling with it. The essential oil of the spice is considered the most powerful natural antibiotic in these circles. But even without aches and pains, you can still treat yourself to a cup of strong oregano tea. If the taste is too tart for you, sweeten the tea with a little sugar or xylitol. Cheers.