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Loose Tea with Mistletoe

By Teutates! Those who remember the early comics of Asterix and Obelix know that the village druid Getafix liked to collect mistletoe with his sickle. This is historically accurate, because mistletoe has been used as a medicinal herb against all kinds of ailments since the early days of naturopathy. A fresh cup of mistletoe tea never did anyone any harm, and so we recommend that you get your hands on our delicious mistletoe tea pure in organic quality even today. But mistletoe is also an ingredient in many other teas. Just browse through our assortment.

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Mistletoe Health Benefits

In naturopathy, mistletoe is mainly used against high blood pressure and fever. It has a calming effect on the body and is mildly anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. It also stimulates the flow of urine.

People with cancer can benefit from the so-called mistletoe therapy. This is offered in addition to the usual therapies to make the exhausting procedure of chemotherapy, for example, more bearable. It consists of injections with mistletoe preparations. You can find out more about mistletoe therapy on this page.

Apart from that, mistletoe tea can alleviate menstrual cramps, as the active substances it contains are said to regulate blood pressure. 


The question of how best to prepare pure mistletoe tea comes up frequently. In fact, despite the health benefits, mistletoe is not edible for humans in its raw state. Mistletoe contains so-called viscotoxins. These are not highly toxic, but they are still unpalatable.

Mistletoe is usually used without hesitation in tea mixtures and tea bags and is even marketed as a free medicinal product. As soon as the mistletoe is poured over with boiling water, it becomes a sterile drink. Pure, however, a different approach is recommended due to the viscotoxins if you want to use the tea for its active ingredients.

Traditionally, mistletoe tea is made from a so-called cold infusion. So if you buy fresh mistletoe tea or harvest mistletoe yourself, you can follow the instructions below to be on the safe side. For this procedure, we recommend our large tea glasses with removable strainer:

  1. Pour boiling water over the mistletoe and let it steep for one minute to sterilise the drink.
  2. Now remove the mistletoe and place the strainer next to it until the liquid is only lukewarm.
  3. Now add the mistletoe again and leave the mixture to infuse for about 12 hours.
  4. Now you can remove the mistletoe completely and warm the drink to drinking temperature.