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Loose Tea with Lime

Limes are the smaller green members of the lemon family. Limes have a more intense flavour and aroma than lemons, but are also somewhat less acidic. They are often used for cocktails such as caipirinha and are also a healthy treat as freshly squeezed lime juice. That's why limes also go wonderfully well in our delicious teas, such as the certified organic Lemon Fresh tea. Why not give it a try?

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Lime Health Benefits

Citrus fruits originally come from Southeast Asia. They belong to the group of fruits that cannot ripen after harvesting, which is why they must always be harvested ripe. The degree of ripeness can therefore be determined by the colour. Ripe lemons are sunny yellow, while ripe limes are an intense green.

Just like lemons, limes have a high vitamin C content, which is good for a strong immune system. Limes also contain some minerals, including potassium, calcium and phosphate. Calcium is especially important for strong and healthy bones and nails. Potassium, on the other hand, is needed by the body for healthy muscles and proper heart function, for example. Potassium, together with salt, is also responsible for the body's water balance. These two substances should be balanced in order to process water optimally in the body.

In any case, limes are a healthy fruit whose juice not only goes well with all kinds of dishes or teas, but can also be drunk pure or diluted with water to give the body a good boost. Cheers.