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Loose Tea with Lavender

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Imagine standing in a large field full of blooming lavender. Feel the lovely breeze on your skin and get a sense of the scent of fresh lavender. Does that feel good?

If the smell hasn't crossed your mind just now, we recommend you immediately buy our certified organic lavender tea and brew a fresh cup. The scent alone is relaxing - and the taste is a delight down to the last drop.

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Lavender Health Benefits

Lavender is a recognised remedy for restlessness or sleep disorders in alternative medicine as well as in conventional medicine. The essential oils it contains ensure calm and relaxation, whether as a lavender tea or as a bath additive. As a tea, however, lavender not only provides mental peace, but also physical relaxation. It can provide relief from gastrointestinal complaints and nervous headaches.

The ancient Romans already used lavender. On the one hand, they used the fragrant blossoms for body hygiene, and on the other hand, lavender tea also played a role because of its taste and the associated positive effects on body and mind. Since lavender flowers contain substances that have an anti-inflammatory and anti-cramping effect, a tea made of them has been administered in folk medicine for colds and coughs since time immemorial. Two to three cups for an adult person may be consumed per day.

The essential oils of lavender flower tea are also ideal for a steam bath to relieve respiratory complaints. To do this, simply place a few teaspoons of lavender flowers in a large bowl and pour hot water over them. Now place a cloth over the bowl and your head and breathe in the soothing vapours of the tea for a few minutes.