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Loose Tea with Kombucha

A few years ago it suddenly appeared everywhere out of nowhere: Kombucha! Suddenly, the tea was on everyone's lips and displayed on many shelves as an industrially produced miracle product for refreshment. Kombucha is actually a mixture of heavily sugared black or green tea and a fungal culture that removes the sugar from this tea by means of alcoholic fermentation. The finished drink has a sweet and sour taste. Freely available in shops, kombucha contains a maximum of 0.5% alcohol, which corresponds to the content of non-alcoholic beer. Homemade kombucha can also contain higher percentages.

For our after work tea, we have come up with something special. We pour the kombucha herbal tea mixture and let it steep professionally. This mixture is then spray-dried and the resulting powder is then mixed into the After Work tea. In this way, the tea gets its very own character and a round and spicy taste. You should try it right away.

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Is Kombucha Healthy?

As is unfortunately more often the case nowadays, kombucha is first of all attributed all the positive things in the world. The healing effects of the cool drink (not our tea) range, if all rumours are to be believed, from a simple strengthening of the immune system, to the alleviation of cardiovascular complaints, gout and rheumatism, to spontaneous resurrection after death. Many people swear by the drink as a remedy, but the scientific evidence is currently still extremely limited.

The fact is that kombucha has a mild laxative and antibacterial effect on the intestinal flora. This is due to the living microorganisms that the fungus brings with it. The effect also occurs with other fermented foods or sour milk products, such as kefir, and is comparable. Whether and how this change in the intestinal flora then in turn has a positive effect on other physical characteristics has not yet been proven.

In addition, industrially produced kombucha is pasteurised for reasons of shelf life. This in turn kills all living microorganisms. What remains is simply a delicate refreshing drink - just like our delicious tea. If you want to drink kombucha for health reasons, you should find a regional producer and buy directly from them or read up on how to make kombucha yourself. Cheers.