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Loose Tea with Jasmine

A lot can be said about jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is certainly one of the highest quality teas on the market, which have become so popular not only for their unique taste and fresh aroma, but also for their health benefits. The basis for jasmine tea is usually an unfermented, i.e. green, tea to which jasmine flowers are added. Depending on how the tea is processed, very different, aromatic teas are produced, which are highly appreciated by tea lovers.

Important for the preparation of jasmine tea, or green tea in general, is that you should never pour boiling water over it. This burns the delicate, dried leaves and makes the tea taste bitter. For a good jasmine / green tea, you should boil the water and let it cool for a few minutes. If you have a thermometer, 80°C is the right temperature. This allows the fine character of the green tea and the essential oils of the jasmine flowers to develop perfectly. In addition, we recommend that you use filtered water, regardless of the type of tea. Unfortunately, the essential oils of jasmine flowers and many other teas react strongly to lime, which can lead to unpleasant secondary notes. Apart from that, filtered water is healthier for the body anyway. Why not try this out with one of our diverse jasmine teas, such as the popular Jasmin Mandarin. Let the unique floral taste convince you.

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Is Jasmine Tea Healthy?

Since jasmine tea is almost always made with a green tea as the base, you get all the benefits of drinking a green tea. In addition, jasmine flowers contain a lot of essential oils, which can have a performance-enhancing effect. Jasmine tea also contains antioxidants, calcium, fluoride and vitamins A, B and C. Incidentally, properly prepared jasmine tea has an alkaline effect on the body, which can greatly help regulate the acid-base balance. This effect also helps with heartburn, as this is simply a sign of excess acidity. There are whole books on the importance of a predominantly alkaline diet for the body - and jasmine tea is the perfect companion for this healthy lifestyle.

It is not only for the body that jasmine has a calming effect. The mind can also relax with the drink. Jasmine tea has been drunk since the time of Buddha in China and Japan for relaxation and deeper meditation. Even today, jasmine tea is the daily drink in many Asian households. This tradition is increasingly spreading to the rest of the world.

The Queen of Jasmine Teas – Dragon Pearls

If you would like to put the knowledge you have gained here about the best way to prepare jasmine tea to good use, we recommend Dragon Pearls. Over thousands of years, the Chinese have perfected the preparation of a unique jasmine tea. Here, jasmine blossoms are wrapped by hand from fresh tea leaves in several layers. The tea itself was also mixed with jasmine blossoms directly after plucking to absorb its aroma. The wrapped jasmine blossoms now look like small balls - the so-called Dragon Pearls. When the tea is brewed, the loose tea leaves open and release the fresh jasmine blossom, which in turn releases its flowery aroma and valuable essential oils into the tea. It is a relaxing experience in itself to watch the process. The tea exudes an intense fragrance that immediately touches all the senses. With 80°C hot, filtered water, you achieve an unprecedented enjoyment here that will convince you of its quality forever. Convince yourself. The tea is in stock for you. Enjoy.