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Loose Tea with Elder

Elderberries are small black berries that grow in larger umbels on a bush. They are characterised by a tart, sometimes slightly bitter taste with a sweet finish. Either the elderberries or the elderflowers are used for teas. We have a large selection of mostly organic certified tea compositions to which we have added elderberries, elderflowers or both. For example, try our organic herbal elderberry tea or our fruity berry blend. You are sure to find the right tea for your taste in our assortment.

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Elder Health Benefits

Elderberries and elderflowers are generally rich in vitamin C and contain some trace elements such as iron, folic acid and potassium. Another important active ingredient are the so-called anthocyanins. These can have an anti-inflammatory effect and bind viruses, making elderberry juice a popular household remedy at the first sign of flu.

The only problem is that elderberries should never be consumed raw. So if you should ever find the tasty berries at the edge of the forest, you are welcome to take a few with you, but it is essential that you heat them briefly beforehand in order to break down the toxin sambunigrin they contain. A slight warming is sufficient. Then let them cool briefly and you can enjoy the delicious berries.

For fresh elderflower tea, you should take 4-5 teaspoons of elderflowers, pour boiling water over them and let them steep for a few minutes. Alternative doctors recommend around ten minutes for the best effect. However, if the taste is too strong, you can remove the tea strainer after five minutes. Cheers.