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Loose Tea with Cranberries

The cranberry is a large red berry that is mainly cultivated and consumed in America. It can be used to decorate savoury dishes or to make an extremely tart, sour cranberry juice. As a tea ingredient, cranberry refines this delicious fruit tea from us. Just try this tea and convince yourself of the taste.

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Cranberries – Healthy, but not Sustainable

Cranberries are actually very healthy. They contain a lot of vitamin C, as well as large amounts of minerals that the body needs, such as potassium, sodium and magnesium. Trace elements such as copper and manganese are also present.

The problem here, however, is that fresh and undiluted cranberry juice tastes too sour and tart for many people. But if you cook or dry cranberries, the vitamin C dissolves. However, at least the minerals remain largely intact. As mentioned at the beginning, most cranberry production takes place in America and Canada.

The plant, which is related to the blueberry and is actually a shrub, is frugal and also spreads well in this country, but it is rarer to find cranberry products from your own country. The long transport route is therefore a reason for low sustainability. We recommend looking for cranberry products from the region in your local organic supermarket or health food store. Cheers.