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Loose Tea with Chamomile

Many of us know it: chamomile tea. Some liked it as a child, others only got used to it in adulthood and still others simply don't like the flowery taste. However, chamomile is quite a healthy herb and, as chamomile tea, not only offers a tasty drink, but can also be used in other ways for physical problems. In any case, we recommend our certified organic chamomile tea pure.

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Chamomile Health Benefits

Chamomile tea has been used since time immemorial to treat inflammations in the mouth, colds and gastrointestinal infections. Its ingredients have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic effects and are therefore very valuable for these areas. Those who have gum problems can simply gargle regularly with lukewarm chamomile tea. If you have heartburn, the mucilage in chamomile helps to combat it. On an empty stomach, a cup of chamomile tea may relieve stomach cramps.

Is chamomile tea good for the skin?

But chamomile tea can also be used in other ways. Instead of buying expensive ointments to inhale, you can simply put hot chamomile tea in a bowl, put a cloth over the bowl and head and inhale the essential oils. This can be helpful for colds or general inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes.

Why buy expensive face creams with chamomile extract when you have chamomile at home? Many creams or facial toners use the antibacterial and soothing effect of chamomile, so you can also simply apply chamomile tea - cooled, of course - to slightly blemished skin. The antibacterial effect also helps with minor abrasions. Many people swear by rinsing small wounds with cooled chamomile tea to prevent inflammation. Of course, these are only empirical values and do not constitute medical advice. In case of doubt, you should always consult medically trained professionals.