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Loose Tea with Caramel

Who claimed that all tea has to be healthy? It's true that most tea ingredients have positive properties for our bodies, but sometimes it may just taste delicious. That's why some of our teas have been sweetened with caramel. The delicious caramel pieces melt through the boiling water and give the tea a wonderful sweetness that will remind you directly of your childhood. Why not try our black tea caramel?

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How to make Caramel

Caramel is simply sugar that has been heated and cooled. It can be used to make the most delicious sweets, to refine desserts or to make syrup or spreads. You can easily make it yourself. Simply take 100g of sugar and two tablespoons of water and heat them carefully in a saucepan. Keep the heat low so that the sugar does not burn. After a few minutes, the sugar will usually start to bubble and change colour. Now turn off the heat. The residual heat should be enough to discolour the rest as well. You should not stir, otherwise the sugar-water mixture will not set. Once the caramel has turned brown, you can use it in different ways.

How about caramel sweets? Mix a little cream into the finished caramel in the pot until it reaches a creamy consistency. Stir well and pour everything into a mould, for example a baking tin. Put it in the fridge so that the mixture can cool down and solidify. After a few hours, you can remove the caramel from the mould and cut it into even pieces - creamy sweet caramels are ready. Bon appétit.