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Loose Tea with Brittle

Every now and then, you treat yourself to a sweet treat. Biscuits or biscuits usually go well with tea, and if you like it a little crunchier, go for something with brittle. This delicious nut and sugar mixture is always a popular ingredient when baking all kinds of sweets - and is an ingredient in some of our teas. Whether it's apple cream brittle or the slightly Christmassy baked apple tea, our brittle gives the tea an incomparably nutty and subtly sweet note. Why not try out the teas right away?

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a recipe for brittle

If our teas with brittle have tickled your fancy, why not try adding brittle to other teas? Of course, don't use the ready-made brittle from the supermarket, but make your own.

You will need 75g of sugar, 75g of chopped nuts (almonds or hazelnuts, some use oat flakes or sunflower seeds instead), a teaspoon of butter and some baking paper.

Gently heat the sugar and butter until it starts to caramelise. As soon as you have a brownish viscous liquid, you can stir the chopped nuts into it. Now spread the chunky mixture on the baking paper and wait until it has dried. Now you can cut the brittle into pieces with a knife. If you don't want to eat it all at once, you can store the rest in a screw-top jar. Brittle lasts for a few weeks. Bon appétit.