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Loose Tea with Birch

Birch is known to many of us mainly as a tree with white bark that makes life difficult for allergy sufferers in spring. What is less well known is that birch is also used in herbal medicine for the relief of various physical complaints. Fresh birch tea is a healthy delicacy for all non-allergy sufferers that you should try. You will find birch as an ingredient in our popular organic herbal tea "herbal warmth".

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Why Birch Tea is Healthy

The birch is one of the few trees whose leaves can be eaten without hesitation. However, you should make sure that the birch trees do not stand directly next to roads, as these could otherwise be heavily polluted with exhaust fumes. Both the birch leaves and the leaf buds can be used in tea.

Besides essential oils, these contain a lot of vitamin C, tannins and flavonoids. Birch is often used in rheumatism tea because it has a diuretic effect. This also helps with bladder infections or kidney problems. The tannins and bitter substances contained in birch not only give birch tea a spicy taste, but also have an antibacterial, circulation-promoting, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and immune-strengthening effect. This makes fresh birch leaf tea a real all-rounder.

If you do not want to collect birch leaves yourself, we recommend asking at the health food store, organic supermarket or pharmacy. You should, however, prefer loose tea to the lesser quality bag tea. Cheers.