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Loose Tea with Basil

Basil - The Royal Herb

When you think of basil, making a tea from it is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Nowadays, basil is primarily used as a delicious ingredient in all kinds of dishes and salads, as well as a spice. But the delicious green plant also has a few properties that are lesser known. Our organic herbal tea Wellness and Relaxation gives a hint of how basil can work as a tea. Just try it and see if you can taste the basil.

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Is Basil Healthy

Basil is delicious and healthy. The common name king herb comes from the original Greek word "basileus", which means "king". There are over 60 species that belong to the basil family, but here we are usually talking about the variety Ocimum basilicum. This is known for its spear-shaped leaves, aromatic fragrance and strong flavour. In addition, basil has many healthy ingredients. It contains a lot of essential oils such as camphor, linalool, estragole and eugenol, as well as vitamins A, C, D and E and also has all the B vitamins.

Basil has been used as a remedy in Germany since the Middle Ages. Hildegard von Bingen recommended it for speech disorders, for example. In the meantime, however, the areas in which basil can have an effect have been studied more closely. This includes, above all, loss of appetite, digestive stimulation, as well as against depression or mood swings and migraine. Basil can also help with menstrual pain. Basil has a calming effect on body and mind and can thus help you to sleep more restfully.

A Quick Recipe for Basil Tea

To make a fresh cup of basil tea, simply take a handful of leaves from the plant and pour them over with boiling water. We recommend our large tea glasses with an insertable strainer for this. Let the tea steep for seven minutes. If the pure basil flavour is too intense for you, you can add a little honey, lemon or a handful of cloves as desired. Usually 2-3 cups per day are recommended, always before meals. Cheers.