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Loose Tea with Almond

Almonds belong at the top of the list of healthy foods for everyday life. Numerous studies repeatedly show that a handful of almonds a day - well chewed to release the most important nutrients - not only tastes delicious, but also brings many physical benefits.

However, almonds are also very popular as a tea ingredient. The aromatic flavour lends a special note to many teas. Whether as a delicious black almond tea or a warming winter tea, almonds in tea are the perfect complement. Just try out some of our different varieties.

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Almond Health Benefits

In general, almonds are rich in everything the body needs. They contain many important vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. Whole almonds are also rich in protein and fibre. Almond tea retains many of these beneficial substances. The antioxidants in almonds can contribute to a stronger immune system by binding free radicals in the body. Furthermore, these antioxidants can have a positive effect on blood pressure. However, the general advice from nutritionists is not to eat more than a handful of almonds a day.

So while the physical benefits of eating whole almonds cannot be denied, almond tea, unless it consists entirely of crushed almonds, has one main purpose: to improve taste. Our delicious black tea with almonds contains small pieces of almonds, which give it a full-bodied taste and a delicious almond note. Or just think of Christmas and the wonderful aroma of delicious hot winter tea. This usually contains almond flavouring and would only be half as delicious without it. So tea with almonds is mainly healthy because it often contains other ingredients that can have a positive effect on health and well-being. Cheers.